COI/PIF at the Imperial War Museum

At the Imperial War Museum Film and Video sales site they have uploaded some interesting Cold War clips that are worth a mention.

Although seen many times, they have Protect and Survive uploaded to their site that is in improved clarity and definition. Most versions of Protect and Survive are available in a strange picture quality that some have said shows the signs of being converted from film to video and then back to film again. The version on the Imperial War Museum web site seems like an original negative copy of the films, although evidenced by scratches and jumps the film seems sharper than other versions I’ve seen, either on YouTube or DVD.

The second film worth a look is a 1958 PIF filler for Civil Defence (COI 844) that appears to be silent although it is in colour. I haven’t seen this PIF for Civil Defence before but it is part of their push of “Civil Defence if Common Sense” at about the high of their recruitment drive.

The final very brief film is for the Auxiliary Fire Service, 1956. It is a 19 second recruitment film for the AFS that like the previous film seems to be silent though it is in colour. The transition to colour seems quite early as previous Civil Defence orientated recruitment films such as The Waking Point (1951) were still being made in black and white.

Incidentally, The Waking Point is also available at the Imperial War Museum and includes the first couple of seconds of music that seems to be clipped in the DVD releases.