Civil Defence Films

Should Disaster Strike (1987)

A Government film that was the successor to 1976’s Protect and Survive.

Civil Defence – 1964

A series of Civil Defence films created by the UK Government in 1964 and was the direct predecessor to Protect and Survive.

Care Of The Homeless – 1964

An extraordinary film about dealing with the “Homeless” after a nuclear strike. It’s incredibly sanitised view of a nuclear attack can only strike the viewer as either completely disingenuous or cynical. This interpretation of how the public might cope and react to a nuclear strike on their town is a stark reminder of why The War Game was so necessary and so controversial at the time.

Sound An Alarm – 1971

A surprisingly blunt Government film about the work the UK Warning and Monitoring Organisation (UKWMO) would do in the case of nuclear conflict. Although nominally still a fairly rosy picture (i.e. no one dies and the organisation itself is not disabled) it doesn’t shy away from what the actual purpose of what the UKWMO was.