Threads Images

Images from photo libraries and the BBC from Threads and related to the issues developed in Threads:

  • It may be worth taking archive copies of some of these images as at any time they could be withdrawn from the web.


Images from the showing of Threads to the cast and crew, 23 September 1984

BBC – South Yorkshire

Images from Threads from regional broadcasting.

The Star

A few images from Threads the local Redux version.


An image of Reece Dinsdale credited to Threads/BBC

Further image of a survivor from Alamy but only available via Google.

Sheffield Libraries

A poster to promote a nuclear-war conference in Sheffield, June 1984.

H.M. Treasury document, written in the mid 1970s. It concerns monetary policy in a post-attack UK”

Ploughing engine from Threads

Sheffield City Countermeasure Headquarters in Threads (in Japanese)